Sep 7, 2009

Maybe we, Why can't we... sit right here for half an hour?? Underoath

So tomorrow is the first day of school.... I can't decide what to wear, so hopefully yall can help me. Sorry for the bad pictures, and now i realize i need to clean my bathroom mirror. HA. What look do I go for...?
The urban look...Vintage flannel shirt, demin shorts, black tights, white v neck, and black chains

the edgy look....Black shirt with studs from URBAN, blue demin jeans, and gold studs.
The casual look.... grey skinnys, white couture tank, and black jacket

my face looks weird in this one... or do i go for the "fashionista" look. black skinny jeans, white tank, grey slouchy vest, and scarf

hopefull you can help me before tomorrow morning!


  1. i like the last one!!

  2. I think the last one is lovely :)

  3. I love the first, flannel shirts are awesome :) ♥

  4. those outfits look great on you
    i like your style<3

  5. I love your shirt in the top photo <3 xxxx


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