Sep 6, 2009

you spin my head right round, right round....

HAHAHA sorry for the horrible song title, but Tierney currently put that on loudspeaker. haha such a bad song, but it' gets the people movin'

anyways.... tomorrow we plan on going water skiing and tubing. hopefully the weather stays beautiful! we have been lying outside in the sun for a few hours each day... here's some random photos we've been taking.... and most of these are of here. I've been using my photography skills. she's 6 feet 1 inch of blonde hottness.... :D

Hope to see you all soon! school starts on tuesday....i'm scared and wanna go back to my old school!


  1. Love the photos, the second to last is so cute :)
    What d'you mean about America having different feelings about drinking?

  2. cute girls!
    I know Saosin was great!

  3. you and your friend have a great style
    good work!


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