Sep 25, 2009

"run baby run. Don't ever look back, cuz they'll tear us apart.."

Today was the first day of gymnastics!!! I've been on a 3 year sabatical, and thought i was gonna make a fool of myself... but i didn't. gymnastics isn't one of those sports that you cant just hope right into, we do lots of crazy flips, twists, and tumbles. it's hard on your body. I know i'm gonna be super sore tomorrow. I'll be lucky if i can move. The bad thing about gymnastics is that I have to walk from school to the gym, which is about a 25 minute walk. Which isn't horrible, but it was RAINING today. I had my nasty pink umbrella that got all messed up when the wind blew by... I must have looked like a hopeless case to the cars driving by.

Uh... I guess this is more of a blog post than fashion, but I have some weird news. My family brougth over a girl from Northern Ireland 4 and 5 summers ago. She was this adorable, innocent, girl who was only about a year older than me. She seemed like a very good girl, but my mom just found out she's pregnant and due in march! She's only 16 years old!!!! And I know America has teenage moms too, but really 16 years old and she's pregnant?? *sigh* What a messed world we live in... but i do hope things go well for her.

It's finally weekend, so I"m happpy! woooo. I'll try and post some outfits soon. School has just been weird, and with me starting gymnastics again, i'm gonna be really tired. Here's some photos I'm loving at the moment.

Photography. Pictures, Images and Photos

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

photography Pictures, Images and Photos

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

it's a strawberry... being blown up!!

high speed photography Pictures, Images and Photosphotography Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry about the kinda boring post...

Oh, help me decide. Since I have to walk to school, should I get a pair of fake uggs? the real ones are too expensive, and it's gonna start getting really cold for the fall and winter. Especially where I live... but uggs are just so preppy and mainstream, but they do keep da feet warm. help me!


  1. uggs the fake ones dont hold up as good .. they start to slouch if you know what i mean

  2. Uregh! I hate rain, makes my hair frizzy! The pic of the strawberry is amazing, I love those kinds of action shots :) Lush blog, I followed xxx

  3. I love that song! You have good music taste girl :)
    Thaose photos are amazing, love the strawberry one, wow!
    xxxx ♥

  4. Oh my god, the pregnant thing, its always the last one you'd expect isn't it? I like you blog <3
    follow for follow? xx

  5. No they werent, sadly! I wish they were :)
    the support for last night was the audition and the friday night boys, THEY WERE AMAZING. The audition was on stage like 45 minutes! :)

    I love them photos :)


  6. love ur camera is awesome nd cute.<33

  7. the strawberry shot is beautiful!


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