Sep 13, 2009

cause tonight will be the best night of our lives-everyday sunday

I need some help! Homecoming is coming up in 2 short weeks and I still don't have a dress! Lots of my friends from my old school already have theirs, and their homecoming is after mine.... I don't know where to look. I don't want to spend lots of money on it, so I found some I kinda liked. help me! I don't want some typical, gaudy, cheeky dress..... so i think these are a little casual but whatever. It's not like homecoming is like PROM, this is a very casual dance. I want some dress I can wear after homecoming, something that my parents won't spend $50 on to be stuffed in my closet for eternity.

1. very simple.
2. Almost too causal!?
3. The print on this, is like that old school vintage French floral kinda you see a lot on wallpaper. wait, i don't want a dress that looks like wallpaper do i?!??

4. Cute, maybe the length is awkward though?

5. I kinda realize now, that this looks like forest poop

6. this dress just screams Par-tay! hahaha

7. Too granny-ish??

8. They were all out of the black on this bow one.... but i don't know. Never been the coral color kinda girl, but it's a cute dress. Little too girly??

9. Very elegant.... and classic. :D

10. I really like this blue one, however it's a denim material! NO NO NO!!

11. Too casual?12. I love this deep purple color 13. This is very Luella! but i'm not sure on the color 14. I like this, but i think it may be too summery15. this blue dress also comes in black.16. Are florals ok for a fall dance???17. plain and simple gray18. something crazy... a peacock print. i'm very apprehensive about this19. i love this one, but think it may be too casual?


  1. Gah, I love 2 and 12. If you dressed 2 up the right way you could make it as formal or as casual as you wanted really. Good luck finding the perfect dress :) ♥

  2. oh my, i'd go grazy if i'd have to chose, they're all gorgoeus!



  3. Haha, I love the wallpaper and the denim dresses the most. Clearly our tastes differ a little but they're all beautiful picks, good luck choosing! x


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