Sep 2, 2009

girls do what they want (whoa!), boys do what they can.

I adore the menswear look going on. I found this simple vintage white button down shirt. It's super comfy and I love it. I did try this on with my boyfriend blazer, and it made me look very mature... anyways, here's some photos.

Shirt and shoes:vintage, Jeans: pac sun, scarf: H&M my cat, Star, says hello. (meow!) my little cousins are so cute!this is a track photo that we stuck this little 6th grader on top. He's the little brother of my dear friend, Derek, and haha it took us like 5 tries to get this photo. And once we fell, the guys cheered for us...
One last thing... I need to know if I can wear these shoes with the scarf. I don't know! HELP ME. Because I think it goes with the scarf, but ehh the scarf is more neon in real life. So idk!


  1. LOVE all these pictures <3 Your cat is gorgeous :)

  2. that outfit is gorgeous :) love it xxx

  3. I think I'm in love with your cat <3 tell him hi from spain lol:)
    xx from madrid!


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