Sep 27, 2009

Winnie the Pooh said "it's a Blustery Day" I would have to agree with him on that

Ehhh it's soo windy here right now. it's insane. I almost got pushed over myself. haha

Made a new header for the blog. It's better than the old one, which looked weird. Woo hoo i like this one.

I'm feeling really mopey and sad. Maybe it has to do with homecoming. Mom won't let me go to my old school's and I don't wanna go to my new school's Homecoming. *sigh* I think I need some excitment to bring into life, because I don't much care for monotonous things. I also need to start being my social butterfly self at my new school... ARG it's hard though.

So I bought some fashion magazines hoping it will cheer me up. I bought the Oct. issue of Elle, with Victoria Beckham on the cover. She's amazing. I love her strange sense of fashion... haha it's cute on her.

Then I got the Harper's Bazaar Runway Report from the Fall/Winter collections. Yes I know S/S runway shows have been going on, but there ain't no magazine for that one.

I'm hoping a dose of fashion will cheer me right up. I bet it will.. at least it will give me something to do. umm... Oh i've decided I want a tatoo. yes, but i'm such a baby about it. and plus I can't legally get one til I'm 16, and my mom won't let me til i'm legally an adult and able to "mess up my life".... Should I get extentions??? the back of my hair won't grow (I used to have the "Posh" bob thing, it looked cute but I'm growing it out now) However, extentions are like $60, which I don't currently have. I think I'll go rob a bank or something...ha Jk

xoxox hope everyone has a good week!


  1. Just found your blog, love it :)

  2. Wow, your header is amazing! And V. Beckham looks absolutely gorgeous in these pics!!

  3. Your new header looks great!

    I love Victoria in that issue of Elle. I never really cared about here until I saw an interview with her a few years back. She was so funny and you could tell she doesn't take herself all that serious. Ever since then I'm a fan of her.

  4. your header is really cool and i love posh! :) dont worry too much about your new school im sure you'll make a lot of friends soon!

  5. beutiful blog and original style ;)


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