Sep 3, 2009

What would it take, for things to be quiet? quiet like the snow. TDWP

So i'm kinda late on this whole beauty routein thing, but since I haven't taken any new photos and don't really want to, here's my blog post for today! lots of people tagged everyone to do this, and now i've finally gotten around to doing this!

~ HAIR ~
Shampoo: Pretty much whatever is in the shower, but most recently I've been using the Aussie shampoo. it smells yummy. when i run out of that I have 2 HUGE bottles of Herbal Essence shampoo to use.
Conditioner: Either Aussie 3 minute rescue or cheap Suave stuff
Protection: I use this glosser spray stuff that I spray on every time before I straighten my hair. don't wanna damage it do i???
Styling: usually just straighten my hair. sometimes I decide to tease it, and use hair spray. however thats not very often.
Primer: Clinique City block. I think it's supposed to be a sunblock for the face, but i use it as a primer
Foundation: maybeline mineral foundation
Eyeshadow: i usualy use a blush (that's like a bronzer) right under my eyelid. Then a golden powder from Ulta over my whole lid, and Brown on the crease. I also use this copper color on the inside part of the eye lid sometime.
Eyeliner: black cover girl eyeliner
Lipbalm/gloss/stick: burts bees lipbalm. it's the minty stuff!
Nail varnish: use this cheap stuff from target for $1. color is always black

~ BODY ~
Cleanser: iovry body wash
Toner: .... nothing?
Fake tan: dont use it
Fragrance: usually abigail by Aerie, because It was given to me by a friend, so I don't worry about wasting it. But I LOVE Calvin Klein, IN2U her... it's so yumm!

anyone and everyone can do this!

Forever21 is having a labor day sale, free shipping on orders over $40, including a labor day item. There wasn't a whole bunch to choose from, but Heres some of my favorite labor day items

I really need a pair of demin shorts.... haha

im goning to tierneys cabin this weekend! lets hope theres good weather


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