Sep 19, 2009

Shoulda seen those signs around me, i was comfortable inside these walls

Today was awesome! Hot but awesome! It was the annual Arena sale at my old school, in which they fill the WHOLE ice arena with junk. It's like a huge rummage garage sale, and it was amazing as usual. There wasn't as much good clothes like last year, but I got some awesome vintage stuff. Even an old school Polaroid camera! I'll post pictures soon, and show you everything!

I changed the look of my blog, and shortend the name. It's now La Vie Al LA Mode, rather than La Petite Fille Avec La Vie Al La mode.... it was too long haha. The new header is really weird, but it works with it's weirdness. Kinda looks like the model is hunched over ready to give birth, but it's a cool photo. And my name is no longer La Petite Fille.... it's Ana. It's simple and easy to remember :)

I got two awards from the lovely Nic Go check out her blog if you haven't!

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself... so here they are!
1. I love studs.... so sexy and rock and roll.
2. I do quite well in school.... find it mostly boring, but i do well haha
3. I had the old school side kick slide... wanna get the new sidekick LX though!
4. I decorate all my folders and notebooks for school in a collage using photos from fashion and music magazines
5. I love underground hard core/screamo/ metal music. Oh and it's opposite, punk pop! bands!
6. Don't do well memorizing stuff.... especially text from school books
7. I'm only 5 foot 5 inches... I wanna be TALL!

I give this blog to...
Two sugars
OH emma
And Bettycake
\sorry if you have them!


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