Sep 21, 2009

Thrift is the way to go

So here's all the thrify/vintagey stuff I got from the Arena sale. Think of the arena sale as a huge charity thrift store... :D so it's all super cheap! All these clothes I bought for $10! haha and you get to see the Georgia O'keeffe painting I painted in art last year....

Left to right:

New navy Cardigan (it's pretty chunky), skirt: target, top and belt: Vintage

New Navy and White cardigan, black leggings

New Red Plaid shirt, black v neck, and gray skinnies: Pac Sun

New Navy, off white, and burgendy flannel shirt, top: vintage, skirt and belt:H&MPhotobucket

Then I got this awesome retro (faux?) fur cape thing... I was just parading around one area and the lady said I could have it for free since I was helping clean up. I just love free shit, don't you?? I'm probably never going to wear this, but Jane of Sea of Shoes is obsessed with fur coats and the such.... hahaPhotobucket

Uhh got this wool plaid shirt... it's navy and burgendy but it's really ichy! so I have to wear a long sleve top under it.


And... there's this awesome backpack thing..... very vintage looking.
Photobucket Then i got this over sized grey t shirt that I'm wearing with lack leggings. And this funky off white belt with these gold circular stud things... they look very victorian.Photobucket

Got a bunch of free books! After the sale was over, workers got to go around and pick up whatever they wanted. Again, free stuff rocks!

and my possibley favorite find... a super old polaroid camera! old school right here! haha I love it, now i just need to find film which will be super hard! ebay??


Hope everyone had a lovely monday! xoxxo


  1. oh wow some great finds there so jealous of your polaroid camera how wicked!!!!

  2. OMG why wouldn't you wear this faux fur coat???? It looks so great on you, I would do anything to get my hand on a coat like that!!

    But the grey t-shirt looks just great on you and my photographic eye enjoyed these pics with the polaroid. And the little slideshow in the beginning was fascinating, good combining! Loved the white-navy blouse!

  3. oh man that coat. that is amazing amazing amazing.
    and the camera, too!

  4. love the striped cardigan and your studded bracelets!

  5. the polaroid seems soooo cool!! :)
    love the vintage backpack and the white belt ;D ~~


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