Sep 14, 2009

You should have killed me when you had the chance: A Day to Remember

Wise Words For the day
There's a reason why people think asians are smart :)

also...Do I keep this?? it looks cool off the hanger, but on me it looks weird. Either I have to zip it or have this awkward two flappy thing.... and it looks weird zipped on me.And the material feels really cheap. But i really want another leather jacket! I'm sure if I find the right shirt to wear under it, it may look ok??
Also... how do i make photos bigger???? I've tried increasing the size on my computer, but when I go and upload them, it's the same size as it's always been. HELP!

GOSSIP GIRL STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently crapping my very fashionable pants right now in excitement!


  1. The easiest way to post bigger pictures is to use photobucket or tinypic.

    I love fortune cookies! I just had one telling me I'll be very successfull in my job on friday :D

  2. i like your blog :)


  3. I think you'll totally rock this jacket, it looks very chic. Upload some pics so we can critique!! ;P


  4. fortune cookies fortune cookies ^^ love them.
    and the jacket is sooo cool.

    i don't have the smallest ideea about how you can make the photos bigger,but if you find out,please announce me !

  5. I Like your blog a lot! I use wordpress so I'm not quite sure how you can upload your photos bigger... cool pictures thou! :)

  6. Haha, you're right about cookies:):)

    and i say, keep it! the more leather jackets- the better!:)


  7. bigger pics?
    well just upload them in the biggest size....then you have them in your new-post-window. click on the button right corner (keep the mouse button pushed) and drag/pull/whatever...
    I hope it works, it does with my program.
    best wishes


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