Sep 23, 2009

Dear Uncle Sam, let's talk

So I know a lot of blogs have done their favorites on the NYC fashion week, and because so many have covered it, I'm trying to stay away. Don't want over kill do we? However, I just got to share with you Vera Wang's S/S 2010 collection... it's just so fabulous. Very dark and romantic. If i were a designer, I'm sure my stuff would be totally inspired by Vera because a lot of her clothes are dark and edgy, but she has a very romatic and feminine touch.
Some of her jewerly is just soooo great too!
Sorry for the small photos!

Has anyone ever seen her wedding gowns too?? Ah they're just so gorgeous. they make me want to get married real soon. So if i marry a rich man, I'm gonna be wearing a Vera wang wedding dress


  1. oh wow!!! those necklaces are to die for!!!

  2. I love vera wang dresses, I think if it were a possibility for me to buy one.. i would!!!

  3. wow! those necklaces are sooo amazing! ^^

  4. the black one shouldered dress! and the wedding gowns for sure are sooooo beautiful..isnt that what carrie wore in S&C movie?

  5. i love that it's both edgy and elegant at the same time. beautiful necklaces.

  6. Vera has some of the best jewelry! I almost wish she'd close down some lines and just focus on her gorgeous jewels.


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