Sep 4, 2009

2 weeks notice: These Hearts

Ummmm so ya... today i stayed home, but mom made me clean. ISH. I'm gonna go walk to school to pick up some summer reading thing that I wasn't aware of til 8:30 last night. And since I'm going away for the weekend and school starts on Tuesday, I was freaking out.

But anyway... here's my latest addition in my room. It's a really big white board that i'm using as my inspiration board. I have a wide varitey of dry erase makers, so i can write on there as much as I can and can erase as much as I want. I've put put pictures, band stickers, stuff from magazines, and little keep sakes on there. It's right by my bed, so if i think of something I can jsut write it down. Ah, i love this.
Heres what I'm wearing today... skirt and hat:H&M, shoes:converse, Shirt:DIY zipper

and I'm sure my Uk folllowers has had these, but these are called Mikdao's.... ya I boughtt them at some Irish festival and love them. It's like a shortbread cookie with some raspberrie jelly stuff and coconut flakes on top. YUM! i ate the alst 2 this morning!

I'm off to tierneys cabin this weekend. lets hope the weather stays nice!!!! i'll post lots of pictures later. xoxox


  1. I've never heard of Mikados. I only know mikados as those chocolate covered biscuit sticks. But it looks yummy!

    cute outfit. love the hat!

  2. I really really love that outfit :D
    && thanks, I'm going to try putting studs on them :D xxx

  3. Oh I love these. They're so yummy.

    Oh and thanks for following :)


  4. Love love love the outfit :) That hat is gorgeous, I want one like that! :) xxxxx

  5. I love the idea of a dry erase board. I should totally get one for my dorm room and decorate it like yours (that pic of Sasha is totally fierce!).


  6. i like this outfit a lot.
    especialy the hat<3


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