Sep 28, 2009

A whirwind of crazyness

I'm just warning everyone in advanced, that I may not be able to post til the weekend. I've got a crap load of tests coming up this week...

Wednesday : AP US history quiz and Accelerated English Quiz on To Kill a Mockingbird (read it last year for my old school...)
Thursday: AP US History test on chapters 1,2,3 multiple choice, and Biology Test on ch. 1 and 2
Friday. AP US essay and map portion, and English vocab test...
AHHH and it's homecoming week. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna take some photos for the yearbook at the game, hopefully I'll get some decent ones!

My package from Forever21 came today! I got a dress, this amazing mustard yellow hat, 2 necklaces and a t shirt... I'll show you when I can!! These photos don't do the hat any justice.

hope everyone's week isn't as crazy as mine! xoxox


  1. hooolyyy, you are crazy beautiful!
    that hat looks fantastic on you :)

  2. apush! uck, that class bores the living daylights out of me.
    i read 'to kill a mockingbird', but at the moment, i cannot remember what it was about!
    ahhh, the joy of advanced classes(:
    hope you have an enjoyable homecoming week:D

  3. i really love the hat!
    you look so cute^^


  4. You are so cute! That hat looks lovely on you. Great color.

  5. so pretty <3 love your header by the way, thankyou for the comment and for following me x

  6. love the mustard yellow on you! Hope to see the other items too and good luck @ school!

  7. your beret<333


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